Sick Bay

The school sick bay has an infirmary, which is staffed by a qualified and well experienced nurse and a doctor on call. It is well equipped to handle day-to-day medical problems and give first aid to the students. The sick bay is with 6 beds and also has an ambulance to transport patients to the nearby hospital in case of an emergency. Students are tended to with great love, care and affection in the sick bay. Medical check of the students is done and a record is maintained. Parents are informed if the doctor nurse finds that a child needs special medical attention. Parents are requested not to send sick children to school. It is inconvenient to send them back home.

Medical Guidelines

All parents are requested to impart Health Education to their children and ensure that they-

  • Maintain personal hygiene like trimming of nails, taking bath daily, brushing teeth twice daily and develop timely towel habits regularly.
  • Exercise, Yoga, Meditation daily.
  • Get adequate sleep for at least eight hours daily.
  • Consume balanced diet, rich in protein and milk.
  • Drink water which is either boiled or filtered. All students are advised to bring their own water bottles from home.
  • Avoid eatables from vendors outside the school.
  • Children at least once every year. Have dental and ophthalmic check up done once every year.
  • Immunize children with -
    1. BC
    2. DPT
    3. Oral Polio
    4. Measles
    5. DT
    6. Hepatitis B
    7. Typhoid
    8. Tetanus
    9. Hepatitis
    10. Meningitis
    11. Chicken pox
    12. Influenza (optional).
  • Fill up the history of you ward's illness (in school almanac) along with the treatment being taken in the almanac.
  • Students suffering from any one of the following disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class-
    1. Chicken pox : Till complete falling of the scabs.
    2. Cholera : Till the child is completely well.
    3. Measles : Two weeks after the rash disappears.
    4. Mumps : Till the swelling subsides.
    5. Whooping cough : Six weeks.
    6. Jaundice : Six weeks after recovery.
    7. Typhoid : Two or more weeks.
  • Student suffering from infectious disease like conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and scabies should not be sent to school till they recover completely.
  • Students suffering from chronic disease like a Asthma, Epilepsy, Rheumatic heart disease etc. are advised to be under continuous medical supervision of a specialist Doctor.
  • History of their illness must be filled up in the Almanac along with the treatment being taken.
  • A child returning to school after recovering from an infection disease must produce a fitness certificate from a doctor and give a photo copy of the same to the class teachers.