Safety & Security

It is for the appraisal of the parents and the general public regarding the safety and security of students of BLS International School to ensure that no unwanted incident occurs within the School premises. All safety measures are adopted to ensure the safety of students and employees of the school through following course of action:-

  • Installation of CCTV cameras.

  • CCTV cameras already exist at all the vulnerable points of the school i.e. classrooms, labs, library, music room, dance room, corridors, ground area, entry and dispersal gate.

    CCTV cameras are being regularly checked within 24 hours by the official specifically assigned for this duty so as to ensure that every camera is functioning smoothly and properly.

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • The school has already taken care to install Fire extinguishing system in the school building and appropriate remedial measures are taken into consideration to fight out fire incidents at any time due to untoward events.

    The availability of all material facts i.e. water for fire extinguisher are regularly checked by the Administration Officer and the equipment is properly maintained.

    A proper certificate is issued to the school by the concerned department.

  • Walk through Metal Detector will soon be installed at the entry point on gate.

  • The school has a proper exit plan in case of emergency/disaster and the same has been put up on the notice board on every floor.Mock drills are conducted on regular basis for students to know the exit routes.

  • Hygienic R.O. waterThe drinking water is R.O. treated so that the water is pure and safe for dinking. The cleaning of tanks is done on regular basis.

  • Mode of conveyance

  • The students commute to school through different modes of conveyance. Some reach on foot, some by bicycles, some are picked and dropped by parents by their own vehicles while some parents arrange private vans to pick and drop their wards on their own.

    Transport facility is also provided by the school management through its own transport system i.e. school buses & vans. All the school buses & vans are equipped with- GPS, Fire-extinguishers, First Aid box, safety belts, speed control device.

    Police Verification of character and antecedent of all drivers & conductors and helpers, who are responsible to ply the buses to ferry the students is done at the time of induction

    For additional safety and comfort of the students, the school has arranged teachers to accompany the students in buses both during morning and evening hours.

    The escort teacher is responsible to maintain discipline, ensure convenience of the students throughout the journey from school to home appropriately move in and out of the bus and handing over in safe hands either to parent or any other known person with proper proof/authority letter from parent.

    In case no one turns to pick the child from the bus stop, the child will be brought back to the school for further appropriate action, but in no case the child will be left unattended.

    In case any drive/helper finds difficulty in handling parents/students, the matter is passed on to either teacher escort or transport Incharge to resolve the issue in a polite manner.

  • Housekeeping Staff Police verification of all House Keeping staff at the time of their induction in the school is done. Lady attendants have been deputed outside all the washrooms to help and monitor the students.

  • Code of Conduct for supporting employees(drivers, conductors/helpers/watchmen/ visitors/etc)

  • They are provided with a separate area for wash room and drinking water.

    They have to deliver their duty in proper neat and clean uniform with Identity card for their identification.

    They are trained to be disciplined, maintain decorum while handling children for any reason what so ever.

    They are not allowed to chew/consume unwanted edible/drinks while on duty in/outside the school campus.

    They are not allowed to use fowl language at any cost as long as they are the employee of the school.

    They are motivated to remain physically fit and mentally alert all the time and provide information to higher authority if happens to come across/suspects any unpleasant/suspicious incident occurring within the school campus.

    They are made aware of government laws and orders as per POCSO Act and criminal charges against those found guilty and ways and means to keep themselves safe from such offences.

    No parent is allowed to meet anyone in school without prior appointment.

    Visitors/parents entering the school premises will have to provide complete details about themselves, the purpose of visit long with contact number and the person desired to meet in the entry register at the main gate. They will access the entry after the issue of a visitor's pass

    No child will be handed over to the parents without proving their identity during the dispersal. In case of emergency, the child will be handed over to the parent/person authorized by the parent after proper verification.

    For those who have arranged to ferry their wards by private vans are requested to get the character and antecedent verification of the drivers, helpers, etc from the Police Station. The receipt of the same may be submitted to the school with proper acknowledgement.

    The driver of the private vehicles arranged by the parents must possess I Card for their identification and list of students with contact details to meet the urgencies.

    Children commuting by private vehicles must not be allowed to sit on CNG Cylinder and should provide ample seating area for each child.

    Each privately owned/hired vehicle arranged to ferry the child must be equipped with First-Aid-Kit, Fire safety kit, speed control device, GPS device and child safety door locks.

    Parents should invariably check the credentials and behavior of the driver, the seating capacity, check the time schedule and sometimes accompany the students by rotation on the designated route.

    Parents are advised not to encourage their wards to drive vehicles without being issued driving license to avoid any untoward incident.

    Possessing mobile phones/ electronic gadgets/cash/jewellery in school is strictly prohibited and calls for stern action against the offender.