BIS Vikaspuri Delhi, Achievments-

Zamit 8th International School award under the category (Leading school in student and parent engagement).

School not only just provides you degree
It makes you a Chivalrous Gentleman

BIS has another proud proclamation to spark its glory on winning Zamit 8th International School award under the category (Leading school in student and parent engagement). Primarily this award is embellished with the name of the school for its remarkable performance both academically and its co-curricular activities. We thump our leads in science quiz, all subject enrichment activities environment preserving ventures and various informative and interactive workshops for teachers as well as students. To illustrate itself as a global leader across the school indices for its brand value and benevolent reputation within and across the schools it operates, makes us feel noble and aristocrat. Our leadership is often acknowledged by the society for the, vivacious result in academics, our participations in cultural activities and prizes earned by us. We profess our singularity as we cognize the existence of parents, involve them in school activities and keep our windows open for their suggestions and feedback.

We have equal belief in furthering of values, and count that, the devoid of potential to nurture the values, education losses its heart and soul. The swivel leader of the school, Ms. Seema Behl, the Principal of the school is quite a balanced persona. No one who attempts to depict the spirit of age, in which we live can possibly overlook the importance of education for values, she once stated. She embraces diversity as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage to disport the bright side of the school. She is so efficient in practicing, scheduling and organising the institution that it has turned to be a paragon of specification and success.

Inspiring Educator of NCR-BY ROCKSPORT

Believe in your teacher and the world will be at your feet

It’s logical to assume that school principals have an academic impact on their schools and this has been proved by our principal ma'am Ms. Seema Behl. Being a principal is a resilient job, our principal ma'am is no less to contribute her life solely to the institution and working for its betterment. Her long days at school become long evenings and weekends juggling to provide quality education to children and catering to the needs of parents, her role as the head of BIS family is impeccable, her new ideas and methods for deliverance of lectures or making the chapters interesting by associating it with the activities not only made it easy for the children to grasp the chapters but bequeathed sterling results. She has always been available to oblige her staff guiding them like a lighthouse. Today when she receives the award as an Inspiring Educator of NCR, it puffs the hearts of every Brainite with pride and respect. Every member of BIS withholds in him an ecstatic feeling for her. She has earned this honour through her perpetual toil and struggles, which she still continues to put forth for the betterment of her students and education system. She sees the students not as a multitude of challenges, but as the next generation of leaders, innovators, artists and entrepreneurs to help, lead our city and our world. For this and for so many other accomplshments, we all offer her our sincere gratitude and congratulations.

Eldrok India K-12 Award, 2019

The Principal of Brain International School, Vikas Puri, was awarded the Eldrok India K-12 Award, 2019 for her excellence in social initiates and her zest for laying stress on value education. She has always believed in instilling the right values in her students through constant relevant activities and evolving her students as competent individuals and not just academic masters. The award function was held on January 23rd, 2019 at Nehru Place.


We heartily congratulate our Principal, Ms. Seema Behl, for receiving Guru Drona Award 2018 (A Principal’s Conclave) for her dedication towards her school and her exemplary skills. The award was given by Action Committee in association with SRM University at the ceremony held at Metropolitan Hotel, Cannaught Place, New Delhi on December 14th, 2018.

‘The India’s School Merit Awards’

Top CBSE School- Parameter for ‘Co-curricular Education’

Brain International School has been ranked No. 1 in India under the Top CBSE School- Parameter for ‘Co-curricular Education’ by Education Today co. The award was bestowed at ‘The India’s School Merit Awards’ held on December 8th, 2018 at the Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.

Our school has been awarded this for its excelling Academic performance, giving individual attention to each student and adopting innovative teaching techniques throughout. We provide highly competitive sports opportunities as well as co-curricular activities thus working towards holistic development of our students. Also taken in consideration were the infrastructure,hygiene and safety taken up in the school. The parents and Jury agreed that the facilities provided by the school are ‘Value for Money’ and hence the school received a lot of votes.

“Avantika Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Samman 2018”

The Principal of Brain International School, Mrs .Seema Behl won yet another award on 11th September, 2018. She was honoured with “Avantika Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Samman 2018” by the Avantika Group, which added another feather to her cap. She was bestowed this garland for being an educationist who works selflessly towards the betterment of her students, staff & the society. She is a role model for students and a contant source of inspiration for the people in the industry. The award function took place at Rukmini Devi Jaipuri Public School.

“You Make The Difference” by the group of Academic Heights in an event “Samvaad”.

Pharrell Williams

A principal is the soul of a school and a source of confidence and motivation for its staff. The continuous efforts of the Principal of BIS, Ms. Seema Behl were recognised when she was presented an award “You Make The Difference” by the group of Academic Heights in an event “Samvaad”.

She is undoubtedly a constant source of inspiration and motivation for the staff.

RESULTS 2018-19

It is rightly said that a school is a hot house where each child with her/his unique character is nurtured, cared for, loved understood and trained to acquire gradually a more perfect sense of responsibility with unwavering courage and perseverance to be edified to get due recognition.

Our senior secondary board result is a reflection of our doctrine of peculiar education for all.

Congratulations to genius liatris for elevating our Academic Scale in CBSE Class XII results....

BIS family wishes all of you the best for your future ventures.

Designing the spectrum of magnificence in Academics, our stars blazing in the sky for the session 2018-19.